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Makil Joku

Also known as Makil Dantza, as both names describe perfectly the essence of the exhibition, being a Set or Dance of Sticks or Canes. It is one of the dances included in the wider sequence of the Dantzari Dantza peculiar to the Duranguesado or Durangoaldea de Bizkaia, which we can see in Abadiño, Berritz, Garai, Iurreta, Izurza and Mañaria, although it must have had a wider range in the past and it is very similar to the dances performed in the neighbouring Gipuzkoa (I. IRIGOYEN, Bizkaiko Dantzak, in the Revista Dantzariak, special edition number 1, 1978, pages 20 to 29).

In the same way as the Zortzinango has served as a base, both in steps and in the movements of other dances (Banako, Biñako and Launako) as well as the Dantzari Dantza, the Makil Jokoa maintains the structure of the dances of the sets of swords (Ezpata Joko Nagusia and Ezpata Joko Txikia); in the three we find the formation of eight men, two to a column and armed, here with sticks, in the former with swords, who are going to perform a series of exhibitions and changes of position at the same time as they touch or hit each others' weapons.

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