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This dance was traditionally known as Biñako, a dance of two, however, at present, and more in keeping to the rules of the euskara batua, it is now called Binango or a dance of twos, as it is performed in twos. It is one of the dances peculiar to the Dantzari Dantza of the Duranguesado or Durangoaldea de Bizkaia, which is performed by a group of eight men in formations of columns of two. In this case, as with the Banango and the Launango, and in contrast to the Zortzinango, they have placed their swords on the ground, and therefore dance with empty hands.

The steps and movements fundamentally follow the structure of the Zortzinango, we can distinguish three different parts: in the first part they perform half the Zortzinango, and the dancers remain in reverse positions; in the second part the dancers come forth, in twos, to the front and change places with each other while the rest of the dancers wait in the background; and finally the third part of the exhibition ends with the dancers returning to their initial positions. At present, we can see this dance performed in Abadino, Berriz, Garay, Iurreta, Izurtza and Mañaria; nevertheless, there are historical references to its exhibition in other villages in the Meridian.


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