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This dance was traditionally called Banako, meaning a dance of one, however, its name has been recently corrected, following the rules set down by the euskara batua, and changed to Banango which means "one by one", as really it is an individual exhibition, one by one, of each and every one of the dancers that form the company.

This dance is performed by a group of eight men in formation of two to a column, who, following the bars of the music, move about changing places with each other, having as a base the steps and movements of the Zortzinango, both of these dances, with others, make up the sequence Dantzari Dantza, peculiar to the Duranguesado or Durangoaldea de Bizkaia.

We can distinguish three different parts: the first part is similar to the first half of the Zortzinango, up to the moment in which the group is in reverse position; in the second part the dancers come forward, one by one, to the front of the company, and demonstrate their personal skills in the basic steps of the dance; and finally, once again the whole group begins to move and returns to the initial position. In this case they do not carry any instrument, as the sword and sticks have been placed on the ground. At present, as with the rest of the dances of the Dantzari Dantza we can see it performed in Abadiño, Berritz, Garai, Iurreta, Izurza and Mañaria, though in times past it must have been more wide spread, at least, all through the meridian.


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