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At present we know that Launako or Launango is one of the dances that traditionally form part of the sequence called Dantzari Dantza, peculiar to the Duranguesado or Durangoaldea de Bizkaia. Nowadays the name Launango is preferred to Launako, which is older, as it indicates a more precise description of the performance of the dance, as this is performed four by four while not exactly being a dance of four, which would be the more literal meaning of Launako.

The exhibition follows the basic structure of the Zortziko regarding the general steps and movements, with the peculiarity that, as in the case of the Banako and the Biñako, the central part consists in the changing of positions and demonstrations of skill in the steps, always four by four, although there are many varieties and not all the groups agree about the way to perform it. The final part is similar to the Zortziko.

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